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This digital platform has been developed by volunteers to support a variety of Ukrainian Humanitarian and Animal causes.

Its a Free platform, supported by our volunteers.
Because its maintained and operated by volunteers, our platform is Free and offers a 0% commission fee.

Most other funding platforms take a 3% to 7% for each donation!

We support a variety of Ukrainian Humanitarian and Animal Causes.
Those organisations, individuals, shelters, churches and other related and supportive Ukrainanian causes are welcome on our platform

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The donations will go to the Lonely Hearts (Cat) Shelter in Odessa.

This cause is about supporting and rasing donations for the Lonely Hearts Animal shelter in Odessa.

The Lonely Hearts shelter is taking care of many hungry, old and stray cats which have been abandoned or are homeless. Because of the militairy actions in Odessa, also this Cat shelter is also suffering from food shortages and dangerous environmental situations.

Their Story…

“Our shelter is 2.5 years old. Before the hostilities, there were about 150 cats and kittens. Three dogs. For two and a half months, there were 358 cats. Of these, 100 kittens. And 9 dogs. People just brought and left their animals without asking if I could take them or not. Left in carriers under the shelter. The shelter currently has four completely blind cats. One cat is blind and deaf. There is a small spine (creeps on front paws). There are two cats without paws. Five cats with CRF (chronic renal failure). And four cats with liver failure. These cats require special care: specialized food and regular visits to clinics. There are a lot of cats crippled by dogs, as there are a lot of abandoned dogs in the city now, which cripple cats very much.
The shelter also has an abandoned dog with epileptic seizures, she needs a serious examination now to find the cause of her seizures.
My cats and I rent a room for $500 a month.
The approximate consumption of dry food is 20 kg per day. And specialized 30 kg per month.
We need 90 kg of litter per day. There are many household expenses (treatment funds, garbage disposal, and so on).
Many animals have not yet been spayed because there are not enough funds. I try to spay and neuter as much as possible, but I can’t keep up with their growth. Kittens mature quickly. And almost all the animals that are abandoned are not spayed. Shelters in Ukraine are not supported by the state, they are provided by the owners of shelters and contributions from caring people. But with the outbreak of the war, most of my friends, including myself, lost a lot of earnings, many lost their jobs. Therefore, we now
especially difficult. “

In case you need more information, please send a message directly to:

FB Elena: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100027543013435

Or Gmail: [email protected]

You can also use the contactform below.

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