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Please Help Chance Animal Shelter

Join Us and Support Ukraine

The Ukrainian people and animals are suffering. Many people have lost their homes, family and lives. Animal have been abandoned, injured or killed. It affects all of us.

We care for the Ukrainian people and animals. They all deserve better!

Ukraine has been suffering from this invasion since…

Invite others to Support our Ukraine Fund.

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This Funding Platform has been developed to support Ukrainian causes. Therefor this platform has no commissions for these Ukrainian humanitarian and animal causes.

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Most funding platforms collect your donations to be paid out on a later date. Our causes are directly connected to their payment providers, so your donations can go instantly to them.

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This platform had been developed and is supported by our volunteers.
Our goals is to support various Ukrainian humanitarian and animals causes.

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Our platform offers a secure ssl connection for processing your payments and accepting your donations.
You are most welcome to donate to a Ukrainian cause, without any commitments.

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