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No Commissions For Ukrainian Causes

This Funding Platform has been developed to support Ukrainian causes. Therefor this platform has no commissions for these Ukrainian humanitarian and animal causes.

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Your Funds Go Directly To The Causes

Most funding platforms collect your donations to be paid out on a later date. Our causes are directly connected to their payment providers, so your donations can go instantly to them.

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Developed And Supported By Volunteers

This platform had been developed and is supported by our volunteers.
Our goals is to support various Ukrainian humanitarian and animals causes.

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All Donations Are Welcome

Our platform offers a secure ssl connection for processing your payments and accepting your donations.
You are most welcome to donate to a Ukrainian cause, without any commitments.

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This digital platform has been developed by volunteers to support a variety of Ukrainian Humanitarian and Animal causes.

Its a Free platform, supported by our volunteers.
Because its maintained and operated by volunteers, our platform is Free and offers a 0% commission fee.

Most other funding platforms take a 3% to 7% for each donation!

We support a variety of Ukrainian Humanitarian and Animal Causes.
Those organisations, individuals, shelters, churches and other related and supportive Ukrainanian causes are welcome on our platform

Its very easy to send a donation to the cause you want to support or donate to.

  1. Select a cause you want to support or donate to
  2. Choose a predefined or custom amount for your donation
  3. Fill in some details
  4. Choose a available payment option for sending your donation
  5. Your donation is being send to the recipient or beneficiaries.

The donations are directly send to the recipients or beneficiaries!

The recipients or beneficiaries, for example animal shelters have an option to directly connect their donation form to a or their bank account or online payment provider, such as Stripe or Paypal .

We are happy to support you with any related questions.

Please use our contactform or send an email to: [email protected]

The donations will go to a variety of Ukrainian supportive organisations, shelters and communities, such as Orthodox churches, priests, animal shelters and  different organisations and communities who support the Orthodox religion and the Ukrainian people and strayed animals who are in desperate need of support.
Our team will monitor and verify each funds and beneficiaries.

Millions of people and animals in Ukraine are suffering from an inhumane crisis.

These people and our sweet animals are in urgent need of medical supplies and humanitarian and animal support for the current crisis and war.

Please, please, please let us all help them now as fast as possible!

Ongoing militairy actions are always very catastrophic for the civilian population and the animals.

The many weak, injured, elderly, vulnerable people and animal have already lost their homes or are constantly at risk.

And many of them could have psychological trauma of war for a generation.

Our team of Support Ukraine is connected with several registered Ukrainian charities, animal shelters, communities and churches to provide a variety of assistance, medicines, religious, food, clothes, transport and relocation and other support the most vulnerable to overcome the consequences and trauma of war.

Please Join us and Donate today to our # Support Ukraine Fund

Your donation will be used to fund immediate emergency and ongoing needs, including for example:

€10     –  2 blankets or a pack of thermal foil blankets for emergency

€30     –  A food and hygiene pack for 1 person for +/- 1 month

€100    –  A food and hygiene pack for a family of 4 for +/- 1 month

€1000  –  Food, medical assistance or emergency repairs for an animalshelter

€1400 –   A basic emergency medicine supply for 1,000 people for 3-months

Of course any or other donation is also most welcome and appreciated!

The more funds we are able to collect, the more people and animals we will be able to help! We and they depend on your caring!

All our funds will be monitored and our donations will be distributed to to various connected organisations and charities

If this inhumane crisis ends, we will offer to donate and distribute all our collected donations to various organisations, such as hospitals, animal shelters, churches, religious and humanitarian communities and organisations for distribution to those in desperate need.

Our campaign is being supported by a community partnership of Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox churches and organisations.

Please Join us, Share, Care and Donate today to our # Support Ukraine Fund

In case you need more information, please send an email directly to:
Email: [email protected]

You can also use the contactform below.

You Will Receive Gifts!

After you have succesfully donated to this cause, you will be redirected to our Thank You page!  There you can access your Gifts, our presents to thank you for your donation!

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